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A New Orleans native and second-generation musician, Mike grew up surrounded by music.  His father was a bass player who opened for Al Green.  In his childhood home, Motown or Old Soul music constantly filled the air.  Eventually as a kid, Mike began to imitate the singers he heard and before long he had mastered the sounds of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson before he could even ride a bike.  That childhood skill stuck with him and now Michael’s vocal sound transforms and mimics the true sound of any song he is performing.  In addition to leading the Phunky Monkeys and directing the delivery of their live music experience, Mike has performed with Flo-Rida, Journey, Patti Labelle, Kelly Price, 112, Jagged Edge, Baby Face and many others.  Mike even has a featured musical role in the box-office hit “Contraband” featuring Mark Wahlberg.  So, from the big-screen to the 2010 Super Bowl Celebration with the New Orleans Saints, Mike brings an electricity and sound to the stage that can’t be matched.
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